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18 October 2010
Looking for something specific? Here are some tips on finding things like a pro-


The search box can be found on every page on our site in the left had column directly underneath the product categories. If you are looking for something specific this is the quickest way to get there.

As soon as you begin to type, possible matches will start appearing below the search box. If one of them is what you are after, simply click on it to go there instantly.

If you want to view a comparison of all the items that match your search, simply click go and you will be brought to a page with everything that contains your search term.

We also have an Advanced Search Page (link just below the search box) that allows you to specifically include or exclude words, search in just certain categories and even to limit results by dollar value!

Using Categories-

Our site has 2 options to drill down to the products you are interested in. You can start by clicking PRODUCTS from the top menu...this will pull up a selection of product categories. Each category you click will get you closer to what you are after. Most things are only 2 or 3 categories deep. Lets say you were looking for bullets for example...If you click on products, then reloading supplies, then bullets, then the caliber you are after...all of the matching results will display.

Similar functionality can be found in the categories menu in the left hand column. As you place your mouse over a category, you can click on it directly and/or a listing of its subcategories appears and you can click on any of them.


If you are navigating by using the category menu or the PRODCUTS menu, you can also make use of a feature called BREADCRUMBS to jump back up the list. At the very top of the item you are looking at you will find a menu like this:
Home » Categories » Reloading Supplies» Bullets» 243
You can click on any of the categories in this list to return to that page.

We hope you will enjoy browsing our site and that these tips will be of use to you. With so much to choose from its important to be able to find what you are after quickly!

Good Hunting,



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