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Discount Outdoor Store Privacy Policy

Privacy policies are all the rage these days.  Most every website has one and every time you check your mailbox someone will have sent you an update to theirs.

Ours is pretty simple-

  • Information you share with us we be used only by us.  We don''t sell your name, address, email, phone etc to others.
  • We may occasionally use your contact information to send you an update on a sale, new inventory etc.  If you don''t wish to receive our updates, you can unsubscribe at any time.
  • Cookies-these are small text files that reside in your temporary internet files folder on your computer.  We do make use of them for some of the features on our site such as remembering your login or saving a shopping cart.
  • Tracking-we do monitor access to our website in an aggregate manner so that we can better design our site to suit the operating systems, web browsers and screen resolutions of our visitors.  Individually identifying information is not tracked